Star Wars Artifacts

Death Star II Sections

Acid-etched brass was used for filigree detailing on the incredibly intricate Death Star II model, as seen in Return of the Jedi. The metal sections, representing iron columns and girders, were painstakingly layered and attached by Industrial Light & Magic model makers, to give the Death Star an under-construction look.

The pieces used in Faraway Vintage displays are cut from production-used sections that were salvaged from the ILM model shop nearly four decades ago.

Today, the six-foot diameter Death Star II model is housed in the Lucasfilm Archives at Skywalker Ranch, Marin County, California.


Vaporator Fragments

A moisture vaporator is a tall, slender, tower-like device used to capture water from a planet’s atmosphere.

The fragments used in Faraway Vintage displays were recovered from a Mos Espa, Tatooine film set in Tunisia, and were screen-used in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.


Kenner Action Figures

Kenner released 96 of their legendary action figures (not including variants) over the course of the original trilogy releases. It all started with an announcement and initial production in 1977, followed by the release of the first 12 figures in early 1978, and ended with the Power of the Force line of figures in 1985.


Topps Trading Cards

Topps released 330 cards and 55 stickers during the original run of the first Star Wars movie. The cards were the first pieces of Star Wars merchandise available to fans and they were a huge hit. Today, increasingly scarce vintage Star Wars trading cards are collected by old and new fans alike.


Dune Sea Sand

The sand in Faraway Vintage displays was recovered from the location where Jabba the Hutt’s Sail Barge scenes were filmed. The Imperial Sand Dunes in Buttercup Valley, on the California-Arizona border, doubled as Tatooine’s Dune Sea.


Slave Quarters Scrap

Slave Quarters Row is a district within Mos Espa, Tatooine. It’s where young Anakin Skywalker grew up.

The fragments of Slave Quarters scrap used in Faraway Vintage displays were recovered from Ksar Medenine, Tunisia, and were screen-used as ribbed door frame trim in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.


Micro Machines

Originally developed by Galoob in the early 90s, the Star Wars Micro Machine line offered small yet highly detailed vehicle and ship replicas. The high quality of the original line is especially noticeable when compared to the current releases of Micro Machines. It’s that quality from decades ago that makes Galoob Star Wars Micro Machines so collectible.


Vintage 35mm Film

First-run 35mm film from the original Star Wars theatrical era, spanning 1977-1983, is hard to find. It’s even harder to find film from that era that hasn’t faded to red or decayed from vinegar syndrome.

We're happy to share our best selections of vintage 70s Fujicolor and Eastman 35mm film stock.


Mos Espa Awning Swatch

These lengths of fabric were pulled from several Episode I sets in Tunisia. The textures and colors of the fabric can be seen throughout the Mos Espa scenes in The Phantom Menace.


Jabba’s Sail Barge Fabric

This sturdy, heavy, screen-used fabric was part of the iconic red sail topping Jabba the Hutt's full-size sail barge. Our section of canvas was recovered from the Imperial Sand Dunes film set after filming was completed in 1982.



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