Each Faraway Vintage display is a hand made product and the creation process lends itself to variations. All Faraway Vintage displays are sold "as-is" and by purchasing a display, you acknowledge such variations will occur.

There might be slight alignment differences, or an artifact may be shaped and sized differently than the images presented. Stitch-mounted artifacts have been known to shift slightly during shipping, which can cause variations in alignment and appearance. Such variations highlight the artisanal nature of the piece, as each display is made by hand and is absolutely unique.

How long will a Faraway Vintage display last?

A Faraway Vintage display, if properly cared for, should last for many, many years, but it is not indestructible. We have taken great care to protect your display by placing transparent acrylic layers on the front and back of the frame, which protects the artifacts from both sides.

Prolonged, direct sunlight can damage artifacts. Do not leave your display in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

How do you acquire your props and set decoration artifacts?

Auctions, prop resellers, and private collections. Copies of acquisition documents (certificates of authenticity and/or letters of provenance) are shipped with every purchase.

How are the items mounted to the display?

Most items are hand stitched to the backing. Removable acrylic adhesive is used otherwise.

What are “film location elements”?

Film location elements are physical site samples from famous Star Wars filming locations, like sand, soil, and rocks. The sand is from Dune Sea, Tatooine (Buttercup Sand Dunes, CA). The soil is from the forests of Endor (Del Norte, CA). The rock fragments are from the icy planet Hoth (Finse, Norway).

Are the Kenner action figures and Topps trading cards original?

All figures are from the original Kenner production era, 1977-1985. In most cases, figures are mounted with patina intact. Some accessories are reproductions, some are original replacements, and some are original.

All Topps cards are from the original Star Wars theatrical run.

What is first-run 35mm film?

First-run 35mm film refers to film released in the original 1977-1983 Star Wars theatrical era. Our film strips are pulled from original motion picture reels and trailers.

The challenge we run into is that most of the film from that time has faded to red or is decaying from vinegar syndrome. Rare Star Wars Fujicolor prints and post-1982 LPP film are the best quality 35mm film prints we’ve found to date.


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