About Faraway Vintage

It started as a personal project. I wanted to display my vintage Star Wars collection in an interesting way, so I gathered some of my favorite artifacts and laid them out in collages.

I arranged the items in different configurations until the layouts looked visually and thematically cohesive. I eventually settled on four different character-based designs -- Luke/Vader, Droids/Stormtrooper, Han/Leia, and Cantina.

I mounted each collection on a white 9” x 9” backing then secured the backings in a 10” shadowbox frame. I was really happy with how the displays turned out. I put Luke/Vader on my office desk.

My wife liked them too. She put Droids/Stormtrooper on the mantle above our fireplace, Han/Leia on a foyer table, and Cantina on a bookcase shelf. Whenever we have guests over they usually notice one and ask questions about it. The most asked question is “where’d you get it”?

One day, a friend asked if I would take on a commission. She wanted to give her husband -- a good friend of mine and a huge Star Wars fan -- a Han/Chewbacca display for his birthday. I accepted.

Not long after that I was asked to do another commission, a Droids/Jawa. Then, another Han/Chewbacca with a slight variation.

I had now created seven unique designs and I loved them all. I even created versions of the two commissions for my own collection.

I’m proud to offer unique versions of the seven initial designs, as well as custom designs as requested, and additional designs as they’re created, here, through Faraway Vintage.

Each display is thoughtfully curated and designed, carefully mounted, and lovingly framed. By a fan, for a fan.

From my collection to yours,


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